Visitors to Canada Insurance

Visitors to Canada Medical Emergency Insurance is a medical emergency insurance for new immigrants, returning Canadians, tourists, foreign workers and visitors. New immigrants need this type of insurance in four Canadian provinces only. These provinces are British Columbia, Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario.

Prices are not guaranteed and subjects to change without notice. To guarantee the price you are advised to buy travel to Canada medical emergency insurance now, as insurance companies often increase rates without notice.

We strongly recommend visitors insurance to be purchased prior to arrival in Canada. If the effective date is after the arrival date, most of the insurance companies have a waiting period, ranging from 24 hours to 8 days and will not cover expenses related to sickness during that time.  Accidents and injury are covered immediately after you purchase the insurance. Some companies do not offer any coverage if 30 days or longer have passed. Medical examination is not required for purchasing any Visitors Insurance plan. You can purchase the insurance policy online at any time and get coverage starting the same day.

Travel insurance is designed to cover losses arising from sudden and unexpected circumstances due to an emergency. It is very important that you read and understand the company’s policy wording or talk to an agent. Policies are subject to certain limitations and exclusions.

Pre-existing conditions are covered by some companies, usually if they have been stable in the last 6 months before travel takes place. Some insurance companies can offer underwriting and provide people with pre-existing medical conditions with individual quotes. Every single company has their own rules depending on the age of the policy holder. For more information call us at 1-877-211-4301 or email us at [email protected].