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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers Canadians and permanent residents in Canada travelling to other provinces or other countries. This insurance is additional to a provincial medical plan. You have to buy Travel insurance before you depart from your province of residence. You can’t renew it outside the country if you make a claim.

People get sick and accidents do happen — 2009 statistics reveal more than 2.3 million adult drivers and passengers were treated in emergency departments in the United States after being injured in a motor vehicle crash.  Just one day in an American hospital costs on average $4,287($US).

Travel insurance is very inexpensive because it exists in addition to your provincial medical insurance coverage. Manulife Financial was founded in 1887 and now has over 26,000 employees. It is the biggest Canadian Insurance company. TIC – Travel Insurance Coordinators Ltd. was established in 1970 and now has over 200 employees. TU – Travel Underwriters started as an travel insurance business in 1964 and offers a wide line of an insurance plans.

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