Questions to ask when shopping for the Super Visa Insurance


In case you feel overwhelmed by the application process for your Super Visa or Visitors visa, we would like to give you a hand with one of the most important aspect of it- insurance coverage.

It is not uncommon for newcomers to Canada to seek medical attention within few month of arrival. Long distance trips, especially for older parents under the Super Visa program, take the toll on their health. New climate, jet lag, different food and water and especially stress make people prone to getting sick. Old sicknesses often manifest themselves, caused by the stress and weakened immunity.

How can you prepare yourself and protect the people that you care about? Should you go for the least expensive plan or the one with better benefits? Could you go for both? To find the optimal coverage we’ve compiled 6 questions you should ask your broker before purchasing insurance.


– What is the total amount of coverage for a particular policy?

Remember that we suggest at least $50,000 for short trips (2-3 months) and $100,000 for long term visitors.

– What deductible options do you have?

Adding deductible lowers the price of the insurance you pay but in return you oblige to pay before the insurance kicks in. Our suggestion is not to exceed $1,000 as it represents significant risk as well as possible visa refusal. Some companies do offer deductible of up to $10,000 which significantly lowers the price, but actually defeats the purpose of getting insurance.

– Does this plan cover my province or country?

Make sure you ask your broker to be aware of the limits of coverage area. Most Visitors plans work in all provinces, but there are some exceptions. If you are planning on visiting other countries make sure you will be covered on your side trips. As a rule of thumb the side trips will be covered as longs as you spend most of your time in Canada.

– Will I be covered right away?

In some situations you might be subjected to a waiting period ranging from a 24 hours to 8 days. It makes sense to apply for insurance coverage prior to arrival- and eliminate the waiting period whatsoever. Contact our agents to find the optimal solution.

– Will my pre-existing condition be covered?

Pre-existing condition coverage can be added provided there was a stability period of at least a few months. The common practice is 6 months but make sure you double check with your broker. The most common conditions include high blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases. People suffering from those conditions will definitely need to obtain coverage!

– What should I do in case of emergency?

Once you purchased your insurance policy you will be provided with a number to call in case of emergency. Prior to seeking medical help, call this number and you will be provided with assistance and a list of suggested medical care providers. In most cases the insurance company will be able to set up direct billing so you don’t have to pay out of your pocket. Failure to notify the insurance company may result in penalties!


Please, read all the fine print and ask questions before you buy. Carry proof of your insurance with you on your trip. And shop around – there is a big difference in policy features and costs. But do not pick a policy on price alone.

Check out our FAQ section for more information about the Super Visa and Visitors insurance. You can use our insurance rate calculator to compare the prices among all Canadian companies. Shop around!

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It is important to ask the right questions when you are looking for the insurance coverage. Our agents can help you select the right plan as well as guide you through the fine print of the policy wordings. We work with all Canadian Insurance companies as well as Global Insurers and can provide you with all the options. Contact us for help!

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