Monthly Payments for Super Visa Insurance

Starting  July 8th, our clients who are applying for the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa and require a minimum of $100,000 medical insurance coverage for one year  will be able to pay monthly for their Super Visa insurance.

How does it work?

When purchasing the Super Visa insurance applicants will be able to pay only a deposit towards the total premium, while waiting for the approval of their PG-1 application by CIC. The deposit is paid by a credit card and will be 2 months worth of the annual premium in addition to a small $50 policy fee. Once the Super Visa is issued and before their arrival to Canada, the applicant will notify the company of when they will be arriving and the policy will then be activated. Regular monthly payments from the credit card will start on the effective date for the remaining 10 months. That premium will always be paid at least two months in advance. Those who are extending their Super Visa insurance beyond the first year will also be able to use that option and will be able to pay monthly for the whole duration of their stay in Canada.

-If the Super Visa is declined by CIC the client will receive a refund of their whole deposit, but the $50 fee.

-If the client returns to their country of origin before the first year ends, the monthly billing will stop once the proof of departure, such as boarding passes or stamp in their passport is provided. All refunds for early returns will be subject to $25 administration fee.

-For brief  returns to the country of origin, the policy can be left in effect and the monthly credit card billings will continue. The medical coverage will resume as soon as the client returns to Canada.

Those are amazing news for clients who want to invite their parents or grandparents ones to stay with them in Canada but cannot afford to pay for the medical insurance at once.

To get more details regarding Monthly Payments Option For Canadian Super Visa Insurance please follow this link.

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