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Summary of Benefits


Summary of Benefits: GMS (Group Medical Services) – Super Visa Insurance

Sum Insured $100,000 / $150,000
Emergency Home Return $5,000
Paramedical Services of Chiropractor, Osteopath, etc. Up to $300 per category
Emergency Dental Repair Services $2,000
Dental Pain Relief Up to $250
Cremation/Burial $4,000
Child Care Up to $500
Out-of-pocket Expenses Up to 150 a day / $1,000 total
Transportation of Remains $10,000
Hospitalization Up to sum insured
Stable Pre-existing Conditions Coverage Up to sum insured
Ambulance Services Up to sum insured
Emergency Medical Care Up to sum insured
Laboratory Diagnostics/X-Ray Up to sum insured
Out-Patient Treatment $7,000
Prescription Medication Up to sum insured / 30-Day Supply

Side-Trips Benefit:

In order to be eligible for the medical emergency coverage with GMS Super Visa Insurance while travelling outside Canada, your trip must begin and end in Canada and you have to physically remain in Canada for more than 50% of your coverage period with GMS’s insurance policy. Visits to your home-country and any other country, where you are eligible for the government-funded health care are not covered.

Please note that the above benefit has a maximum coverage period of 15 or less consecutive days that you will remain insured outside Canada.

Policy Wording:

Policy Wording is the official document issued by the GMS that outlines applicable benefits, exclusions, limitations as well as claim and refund procedures of the GMS insurance policy.

Click to view – GMS | Policy Wording

Eligibility Requirements

Determine Your Eligibility:

Please read the Eligibility Requirements for GMS Super Visa Insurance (Visitors to Canada). If any of the following conditions apply to you on the application date, you are NOT eligible for the insurance plan.

– You are 80 years old or older at the time of application.
– You are eligible for and/or covered with any Government Health Insurance Plan in Canada.
– You have a reason to seek medical attention as of the application date.
– You are applying for the insurance coverage from within Canada and have had a medical treatment in excess of $5,000 during the last 12 months.
– You have been refused an insurance coverage from a similar insurance provider to GMS.

Please, note that in case you are 55 years old or older, you have to meet certain conditions unlisted above, but outlined in Policy Wording.

Pre-existing Conditions Coverage:

GMS Super Visa Insurance plans automatically include the coverage for Stable Pre-existing Medical Conditions that have been stable for at least 6 months or 12 months before the effective date, depending on a type of condition. Please, note that certain limitations apply.

Waiting Period:

Waiting period does not apply to any GMS Super Visa Insurance policies that have been purchased BEFORE your arrival in Canada.

1) 48-hour (2 days) waiting period: Applies to any insurance policy purchased within the first 30 days of your arrival in Canada.
– A) An emergency is a result of an injury.
– B) You have an active insurance plan with similar coverage issued by a licensed Canadian insurance provider.

2) 186-hour (7 days) waiting period: Applies to any insurance policy purchased AFTER 30 days of your arrival in Canada.
– A) You have an existing plan with GMS or other Canadian insurance provider.

Making a Claim

How to Make a Claim with GMS?

In case you require an immediate medical assistance due to an emergency, you or someone on your behalf has to contact GMS before submitting a claim, if it is physically possible. Failure to notify GMS Emergency Assistance Center within the first 24 hours of treatment or hospitalization will result in a limitation of the insurance benefits otherwise payable to 70% of eligible expenses.
Emergency Travel Assistance is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

– Toll-Free – 1-800-459-6604 (Canada & USA)
– Collect – 905-762-5196 (any other location)
Please do the following in order to submit a claim:

– Complete a Claim Form and attach all original medical receipts for treatment and prescription drugs you wish to claim the expenses for.
– Send the the complete form with your receipts to the address provided by GMS Emergency Assistant Center at the time of your call.

Premium Refund

How to Get a Refund of Insurance Premium?

If you have a claim made with your GMS Daily Plan or you have an Annual Plan with GMS, NO refunds will issued.
Full Premium Refund:
You can apply for cancelling your insurance policy and receive a full premium refund, if:

1) Your Super Visa application has been refused by the CIC.
2) You have decided not to travel to Canada or medically unfit to do so:
– 1) Before the effective date of your GMS medical insurance policy.
– 2) After the effective date, in case you notify GMS within the first 30 days following the effective date of the insurance policy. A subject to an administration fee of $40.
Partial Premium Refund (A subject to an administration fee of $40):
– a) You request a Partial Refund after the first 30 days once your insurance policy’ effective date commences, if no travel to Canada has taken place.
– b) Your return to your home-country prior to the expiry date of your insurance policy, in case it is a Daily Plan. The refund is calculated from the day you left Canada.
– c) You become eligible for any Government Health Insurance Plan during the coverage period of your GMS insurance policy. The refund is calculated starting from the day you notify GMS.
– d) Death occurs during the insurance coverage period. The refund will be calculated from the date of death and paid out to the policy’s Beneficiary.
For a list of complete of applicable conditions and refund procedures, please see the Policy Wording.

Click to view – GMS | Policy Wording.

In order to request a refund please contact one of our Insurance Advisors.