GMS Visitors to Canada Insurance

If you are planning on visiting Canada on holiday or to take up employment, then you should have medical insurance coverage before you enter the country. It is a requirement of obtaining a Canadian visa to show that you have adequate medical insurance cover prior to landing in Canada. Medical insurance cover is essential because it protects you against huge medical bills, should you fall ill or are involved in an accident. The government health insurance plan in Canada is strict and does not cover foreigners who are on holiday or those people on a work visa. This means it is up to individuals to arrange their own health insurance cover.

There are a lot of insurance companies you can turn to for medical insurance. Group Medical Service (GMS) is one of the best health insurance plan providers. GMS is one of the leading providers of medical insurance plans in Canada and are available in the following provinces: Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova   Scotia, and P.E.I.

One of the biggest reasons why you should buy your Canada visitors insurance from GMS is that they will offer you a medical insurance plan even if you have a pre-existing medical condition. Not many insurance companies would do this; the only condition you need to meet is that the chronic sickness should be stable for 6 months prior to application.

Below you will find a few of the benefits you will enjoy if you buy your visitors to Canada insurance from GMS:

  • GMS medical insurance covers your hospital bills including intensive care and heart related treatment
  • Medical diagnostics expenses for X-ray and other tests are covered under the medical insurance plan
  • Any prescription requirements of your treatment up to 30 days
  • Support and care from specialists, physiotherapists, chiropractor, chiropodist and osteopaths up to $300 each specialty
  • The medical plan also covers dental repairs and replacements or dental pain relief
  • Funeral cover in the event of a death from a permanent sickness covered under the medical plan

In addition to all the benefits above, the visitor to Canada medical insurance plan will also cover you if you travel out of Canada to the US or Mexico during your stay in Canada.There are 2 types of coverage available from GMS and these are:

The Daily Plan: provides visitors to Canada health insurance on a per trip basis based on the length of your stay in Canada. For visitors on the Super Visa the plan can be cancelled ifvisitors leave the country earlier and they still have some days of cover remaining with a refund available. This makes it very flexible for the traveler who comes to Canada but is not sure of the duration of their stay.

The Annual Plan: This plan is more suited to long term visitors to Canada such as immigrant workers and will provide continuous cover for up to one year. You can travel to you country of origin, come back and still be covered. This plan cannot be cancelled during the year. As you can see, GMS provides all the help you need to buy travel insurance in Canada for visitors. They offer flexible plans which will provide adequate cover for health insurance for visitors in Canada at affordable costs. To buy visitor health insurance plan in Canada, visit GMS to help you buy the best cover for your peace of mind.