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Summary of Benefits: The Destination Travel Group – Super Visa Insurance

Sum Insured $100,000 / $150,000 / $300,000
Medical Emergency Coverage Up to sum insured
Hospital Accomodation Up to sum insured
Physician Services Up to sum insured
Laboratory Diagnostics / X-Ray Up to sum insured
Ambulance Transportation Up to sum insured
Registered Nurse Services Up to $10,000
Prescription Drugs Up to $500 / 1 month supply
Paramedical Services (chiropractor, osteopath, etc.) Up to $500 for outpatient treatment
Family or Friend Transportation / Accommodation Up to $3,000 / $1,000 meals and accommodation
Follow Up Visits Up to $3,000
Emergency Dental Repair Up to $3,000
Dental Pain Relief Up to $500
Hospital Meals and Accommodation Up to $1,500 for 10 days
Repatriation / Emergency Home Return Up to $3,000
Return of Deceased Up to $10,000
Cremation / Burial Up to $4,000
Accidental Death & Double Dismemberment Up to sum insured not exceeding $150,000
Single Dismemberment Up to 50% of sum insured
Flight Accident Coverage Up to sum insured not exceeding $50,000
Rental of Essential Medical Appliances Covered
Side-Trips Covered


Side-Trips Benefit:

With Side-Trips benefit, your Super Visa Insurance coverage will remain active, while you are travelling outside Canada, except for your country of origin/citizenship or any other country, where you are eligible for a government healthcare. In order to be eligible for the benefit, you must have spent or intend to spend the majority of policy period time in Canada (at least 51%).


Policy Wording:

Policy Wording is the official document issued by the Destination Travel Group Inc. that explains applicable conditions, benefits, exclusions and limitations of the insurance policy as well as provides a comprehensive description of claim and refund procedures.

Click to view – The Destination Canada | Policy Wording