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Summary of Benefits: The Destination Travel Group – Super Visa Insurance

Sum Insured $100,000 / $150,000
Hospitalization Services Up to sum insured
Emergency Medical Care Up to sum insured
Physician’s Services Up to sum insured
Registered Nurse Services Up $5,000
Side-Trips Outside Canada Up to sum insured
Rental of Medical Appliances Up to $5,000
Licensed Home Caregiver Up to $5,000
Uninterrupted Flights (in and from Canada) Up to sum insured
Services of Osteopath, Chiropractor, etc. Up to $1,000 combined
Laboratory Diagnostic Services/ X-Ray Up to $1,500
Ambulance Up to sum insured
Prescription Medications Up to $500 / 30-day supply
Return of Remains / Cremation / Burial Up to $7,500
Repatriation / Emergency Home Return Covered cost of an Economy Class ticket or Air Ambulance
Emergency Dental Repair Up to $4,000
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Up to $10,000
Double Dismemberment Up to $10,000
Single Dismemberment Up to $5,000
Monthly Payment Option Available


Monthly Payment Option:

If you are looking for flexible terms of payment for your Super Visa Insurance policy, 21 Century is the only insurance provider in Canada that offers you an option of getting a Monthly Payment Plan. Such option allows you to pay for the coverage over the course of its duration without having to pay all at once. For more information regarding 21 Century’s Monthly Payment Plan for Super Visa Insurance, please click on the “Monthly Payment Plan” tab above or talk to our Insurance Advisors.


Trip-Breaks Benefit:

Trip-Brakes Benefit is provided under the 21 Century’s Super Visa Insurance coverage for insurance holders, who visit their home country during the period of coverage with an intention to come back to Canada. Such insurance benefit keeps your insurance active, so you do not have to cancel it and re-apply for it once you decide to return to Canada to continue your stay.


Side-Trips Benefit:

With Side-Trips Benefit insureds are covered for medical emergency treatment costs while on a trip outside Canada, with an exception of your home-country, where no incurred costs are covered under this policy. In order to be eligible for Side-Trips benefit, you MUST NOT exceed a total of 30 days outside Canada during your period of coverage. You must also physically remain or plan to remain in Canada for 51% of your insurance coverage period.


Uninterrupted Flights – Travel to Canada & Back Home Coverage:

21 Century’s Super Visa insurance policy will cover uninterrupted flights (including stop-over and connecting flight, if you are not leaving the airport) on your way to / from Canada. The coverage is available to you on your way to Canada, if your Arrival Date and Effective Date match. When you leave Canada and the policy expires by the time you land in your country of origin or permanent residence, you are also covered during your flight home


Per Policy Deductible:

21 Century, unlike many other Canadian insurance providers, has per policy deductible, which, in case you have a deductible other than $0, requires you to pay the chosen amount of deductible in full only once regardless of the number of claims you may have.


Policy Wording:

Policy Wording is an official document issued by the 21 Century that outlines covered insurance benefits, eligibility requirements, conditions, exclusions and limitations applicable to your insurance as well as detailed instructions on how to submit a claim and request a refund.

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